Can you believe Sony Music Twitter accounts announced that Britney Spears is dead?

Since the death of Michael George, the “careless whisper” crooner, celebrities death are becoming the trend of the yuletide. Thus when the news came out from very powerful sources that Britney Spears was dead, we were like “aahhh…there we go again”. But thank goodness it was all a farce. It was hacked!

A number of notable twitter accounts associated with Sony Music appeared to have been breached by the infamous hacker group OurMine. The handles for Bob Dylan Sony Music Global and Bob Dylan released official tweets that Britney Spears was gone, deceased! “britney spears is dead by accident! we will tell you more soon,” the @SonyMusicGlobal account read. Shortly after that the tweets were deleted. But it was all a hack as a representative for Britney Spears reached out to CNN that the singer was very much hale and hearty…well alive.

The infamous hacking group OurMine has made an ill reputation for itself breaking into accounts in this sort of behavior. Just this year, the hacking group flexed its muscles too far in hacking the Quora account of Google CEO Sundar Pichai, to Mark Zuckerberg’s social media accounts, down to the very Twitter account of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey account. OurMine even avenged the BuzzFeed’s website some three months back after the outlet had published a story investigating the possible identities of the hackers. And very fresh last week, the group still breached the Twitter accounts of Marvel and Netflix .

Anyway we are very glad Britney Spears is still alive. From Justnaira, we advise that you strictly prioritize the security of your social media accounts.

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