Relief at last: Super Mario soon making its way to Android

Many of us have been so far waiting for SuperMario’s faithful marriage with iOS to get sour. We were actually getting scared things were getting more lovely between Apple and Super Mario as Nintendo has recorded 40 million downloads of the Super Mario on the App Store. Some die hard Super Mario fans were actually considering buying an iPhone just because of Super Mario.

Finally traces of relief are filtering in as strong reports are coming in that Super Mario would soon be coming to Android. The game has finally made its way to Android’s Play Store, just that at present it is strictly accessible to Android users for pre-registration. The essence of this particularly is to beep you once the main game becomes available on Play Store for download. Although we can’t precisely say when Super Mario would be rolled out to the Play Store proper for download.

Some weeks ago, Super Mario Run had its release on iOS earlier and many were so excited just that Nintendo restricted the game to the iOS platform. There was a bit of disappointment however as we soon realized that after the three first levels in the game, you will be required to pay $10. This frustration actually led to a string of 1 star reviews.

Well there is the possibility that the Android edition of Super Mario will not differ from its iOS counterpart even with the similarity running into prices. So we can now say the payment of $10 when SuperMario eventually makes its way to Android would not be too shocking. Many of us really loved SuperMario when young.

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