Have you heard of a speaker levitating? LG bringing this next year

We have not seen anything from technology yet, even the Pope can’t prophesy where the world is going technologically. Great minds have thought well outside the box and cooked great inventions that makes me want to live as much as 180 years, life is really sweet. Life is really good. And who knows better that life is good than LG (Life Is Good). That is why LG would be rolling out a marvelous unprecedented design: a speaker that levitates!

LG would be rolling out the PJ9 Levitating Portable Speaker which features a floating speaker design. The PJ9 is made up of two parts, this is the powered Levitation Station and the portable wireless speaker . Deploying electromagnets, the portable speaker has the amazing ability of floating on top of the Levitation station. The portable speaker is amazing, sporting 360-degree omnidirectional driver with the base Levitation Station boasting a subwoofer enhanced with dual passive radiators.

You can pair PJ9 can with two Bluetooth devices; all at the same time. The portable speaker can be enjoyed with the base station, in such a way that they would together play sound together, on the other hand you could still use them separately. The portable speaker is IPX7 has outdoor use certification. One lovely thing is when the 10-hour battery weakens, you just have to keep the portable speaker above the base station. In the case where it is already there, it descends automatically charging itself, you don’t need intervene, neither will the much stop. Upon completion of charging, the speaker levitates again.

LG plans to unveil the speaker disclosing information like cost and availability at the global Consumer Electronics Show this 2017.

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