BBM Now Works on all Tecno Android Smartphones

After the release of BBM for Android and iPhone users, some of my exclusive readers requested for the list of Tecno smartphones that are capable to use BBM.

tecno smartphones compatible with bbm

Tecno is now one of the best, popular and cheapest smartphones in Nigeria.

As at the time of this publication, BBM only run on Android 4.0 and above. In case you wish to purchase an Android device that will be compatible with BBM, go for nothing less than Android 4.0.

Update: BBM now works on  all versions of Android, including Android devices lower than 4.0. Check: How to Install BBM on All Android Version Lower Than 4.0 for more enlightenment.

Before you proceed, check:

Tecno Android Smartphones That Are Compatible with BBM

  • Tecno Phantom A2
  • Tecno Phantom PAD
  • Tecno Phantom A+
  • Tecno Phantom A
  • Tecno D1
  • Tecno Q1
  • Tecno M3
  • Tecno L3
  • Tecno D5
  • Tecno N7
  • Tecno S3

And Also the Soon to be released:

  • Tecno Phantom A3
  • Tecno D1
  • Tecno P5
  • Tecno M5
  • Tecno M7
  • Tecno PAD MINI

That’s all for now.

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