Summary of the 2015 Microsoft Build conference

For those of you Windows fans out there, Microsoft organizes a few events every year(most tech companies do) and Microsoft build is arguably the biggest of them. These events are where major announcements are made and new platforms released for developers to make use of. Back to Microsoft  build 2015; this year Microsoft made a few announcements which I will try to cover in this post. So here they are:


1. Staff Pad: This is one of my favourites (not that I’m some music maestro, but I do love innovation). This app lets you write music notes with the stylus on a windows device and then automatically recognizes the writing and converts it to music notes. Here’s what it looks like.

staff Pad

staff Pad

Read about staff pad from the official site and download for your windows device —here

2. I really don’t know how to name this but it just makes you a lot more resourceful by letting you link more apps together: Like Uber from Windows  and Uber on the iPhone. It also gives you access to high quality images which could help in your power point presentations.

3. Another exciting announcement was the one about the Windows 10 browser; remember project Spartan? well its now Microsoft Edge. This is really a great step up from IE; mainly because Microsoft decided to ask developers and volunteer beta testers to help out in the development of this new browser; and guess what? It really paid off! I never thought I’d say this but: great browser Windows! This is the official promotions video:



4. Windows now gives you the ability to create Windows apps with the same source code you used for an Android or iOS app. Cool eh? Now your apps can be cross-platform without you having to write the codes for each platform from scratch!

5. Now I saved best for last: Windows HoloLens. This is by far the coolest announcement they made at the conference keynote. Now, some of us have heard of Augmented Reality(AR), Virtual Reality(VR) and 6th Sense right? Now Microsoft is bringing these things to your finger tips(just AR really), and you really need to see it in action. So here’s a little clip:


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