USB-C: Cool and fast, but it doesn’t solve the main problem

You’ve probably heard of the MacBook 2015 that has just one USB-C port and the chromebooks that also use USB-C. So you ask; what is USB-C? Well in short USB-C is another name for USB 3.1. So with every progressive version of USB comes a promise of speed but up until now most USBs have had the same port.

But with USB-C, it looks like this:


Fine it’s relatively thinner(I say relatively because the lightening port that some Apple devices use are thinner). But now on to the main reason for this post; a little while ago, some crazy virus has been found out: BAD USB; it transfers even before the drivers or firmwares are initiated, so there’s no way you’re going to detect this virus. Now, during the days of the previous USB versions, this occurred because of data transfer through USB keys and such and the only effective way to avoid this is to prevent this (which can actually be done, cos you could just decide not to plug in an untrusted USB device to your system), but now on the MacBook 2015, you gotta be careful which power adapter you use to charge since the MacBook 2015 has just one USB port (now this seems practically impossible), cos come to think of it, let’s say you forgot your charger at home and went for something like a conference then you really need to charge, believe me you are going to be more than willing to take the risk of using another person’s adapter, which is not the case if you see something cool on a device that you want to have, you could just use any wireless facility(WiFi, Bluetooth) or you could just ask for the download link and download it yourself. It’s not like wireless charging is supported on the MacBook. So I don’t think this single USB port thingy that Apple has adopted is really the best option. PS: You are strongly advised by Apple NOT to buy adapters from third party vendors but directly from them (and their prices are anything but easy on the pockets!).

So tell us what you think about Apple’s new mono-USB route in the comment box and don’t forget to share and subscribe!

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