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Traveling on the road for the first time in a foreign country can be an adventure when you have the appropriate applications that can help you navigate your way. You may get lost or be arrested by the police for traffic offences. In addition, this will make your trip dull and uninteresting. Here, are apps believes can significantly assist you in your next road trip.


With Twist application, you can always find your way wherever you are. Just download the application on your I-Phone or Android phone, then you are good to go. Importantly, before you leave, enter your destination and probably who you are meeting in the space provided by the app. Ensure that you also input your starting point. The app will just send the information to your contact. In a way, it is virtually informing your contact about your current location. The app also include details about traffic bottlenecks!



You may not be able to follow your favourite radio/TV programme live which could be annoying. The internet connection may be horrible which makes it a bit difficult for you listen through live streaming. Not to worry, Stitcher is an app that has over 40,000 Podcasts from which you can search for your favourite programme and download the episode you missed. It is available for Iphone, Ipad, Ipod and Android phones. It can be described as radio/TV on demand anywhere in the world.



Waze has over 50 million users. Interestingly, this app uses Global Positioning System (GPS) to track their users. The app intermittently informs users about traffic gridlocks, road diversions and alternative routes among other functions. It is very effective as the app enhances and make travelling very easy. It is available on Android, I-phone and Blackberry. Waze was bought over by google in 2013.




There are truckloads of schedule planner apps out there. But they can’t be compare to the one designed by DIGI117 LTD. This ‘scheduler’ is very unique because it helps users simplify their daily or weekly activities, plan their time and achieve other tasks at the appropriate and scheduled time. You have to pay a little token before you can download this app. It is available in different languages.

Schedule planner


As a traveller, planning your budget is very key to guard against indiscriminately spending. It will be a sour taste in the mouth if you are stranded at your destination. The application provides estimated prices of your proposed expenditure for your business and leisure trip. The prices are based on the current exchange rate of the dollar.

travel budget

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