Spotify’s ‘Spotlight’ feature adds visual touch to podcasts and news

For a lot of people, Spotify is the go-to app for listening to music. However, when you do a little bit of digging, you will find out that it has a whole lot more to offer than just your favorite tunes. Spotify has been working on building out its podcast business, and now offers a large catalog of shows. Spotify is also home to a vast range of podcasts that covers just about all the topics you can imagine, and there’s more, the services Spotify offers are about to soon become even better with a new feature called “Spotlight,” according to reports from our sources.

Spotlight will offer up content in a playlist format, with visual elements available on devices using the Spotify app. It’s a bit like the media MP3 podcasts that some creators take the time to build, which have changing album artwork with dynamism, as well as embedded links, chapter markers and more. These aren’t supported by every podcast player however, so it’s rare that podcast producers will take the time to build them in. Spotlight is a feature which will enable podcasts to display visual components such as text, images, and videos to give a user a deeper context of what it is he or she is listening to.

Spotify’s original content hasn’t had a spectacular start out of the gate (Singles being the one exception) but with this new format, there could be a way to help give it a boost. It could also help Spotify differentiate its podcast offering, among legacy leaders like Apple Podcasts, which still dominates in terms of overall market share.

Our sources say that podcasts using Spotlight will be featured in their own unique playlists, and Spotify is currently partnering with Cheddar, BuzzFeed News, Crooked Media, Uninterrupted, Genius, The Minefield Girl, Gimlet Media, Refinery29, and Lenny Letter as the brands that will aid in the launch of the new feature.

Spotlight will at first be launched in the United States; in the future, “additional markets” will follow.

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