Facebook: Testing desktop uploads for Stories feature

Facebook is testing the ability for users to upload images and videos via desktop; this update was reported by one of our sources. According to the report, users will soon be able to select an upload button for photos and videos similar to the way they would for news feeds, or add a video to their story from a webcam.

This move will come just after Facebook has succeeded in getting users to adopt Stories as well as they have on Instagram.

Stories, is the new but not so innovative feature from Facebook. It allows users to post images or 20 second long videos to their timeline. These images and videos are available to view for up to 24 hours, much like the way Snapchat and Instagram have been using.

When Stories was launched last March, Facebook users saw quite a number of changes to the interface to promote it from ghost versions of their friends who were not uploading Facebook stories to Facebook. This they did by adding a dedicated Stories viewing tab on both mobile and desktop versions. By fall, Facebook allowed users the ability to cross-post their Instagram stories to Facebook. Most recently, it merged the core Facebook app with Messenger’s version of Stories to unify its ephemeral sharing feature, and doing so while adding the ability for friends to cooperatively share stories to a particular single event.

Will all this make Facebook users to adopt Stories? No one really knows. But right now, we’re still quite yet to see a growth in the adoption of the Stories feature somewhat of the same nature as that of Instagram. Although, a few users have been seen posting Facebook Stories a bit more than before, that isn’t saying a lot in terms of conviction for usage, after all any post is more than zero.

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