Spotify acquires CrowdAlbum


I can bet dollars to donuts that you’ve heard of Spotify; but you’ve probably never heard of CrowdAlbum. Lemme give a little background. CrowdAlbum was launched in 2013 and is probably what you’d call not-so-successful startup. Why? Don’t get me wrong, they didn’t have it horrible but they had a pretty little user base not to mention the fact that they had just $100,000 as investment from a single investor. What they offered was the option for artistes upcoming and celebrities to track the success of their concerts and tours. But it’s major function as the name implies was to create albums of pictures and videos during these concerts and tours – more like memories (no, not from Facebook). It also gives users the option to connect with each other and artistes before, during and after a concert.

Back to the sale; speaking of which, Spotify did not specify as to how much the service was purchased for. I wouldn’t be surprised if the numbers had a few zeros (it’s kinda the new thing in the Tech industry of recent). I can’t help but think this is a move by Spotify to get ahead of Tidal, Google Play Music and Apple Music  – you know, to have that little something they offer that no one else does. The kind of rivalry going on amongst those four is crazy – but that’s a rant for another day folks.

For now, CrowdAlbum’s site is still very much active and you could check it out yourself if you wan t a feel as to what it really offers first hand. Spotify has not made any move as of late to integrate this service into their core services but I’m sure they would do so anytime soon. I mean, why else would you buy a service like that. No matter what Ace Spotify has up their sleeves, I’m pleasantly anxious to see. Spotify has CrowdAlbum to offer(no indications as to whether they’l’ retain the name or not); Apple Music has Drake to offer, Tidal has Beyonce and The Throne to offer, Google has.. well, let’s wait and see. This is getting good.

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