Mobile wireless connections now have ultrasound


Once upon a time, sharing a file from one mobile device to the other was limited to infrared.. then along came Bluetooth, WiFi and then Infrared 2.0(you probably know it as NFC – but in reality, what is the difference between NFC and infrared? Think about it). I’m sure most of you – regardless of your mobile platform, have one file sharing app or another. Ranging from flash share to Xender to Shareit etc – all of which use WiFI for communication and file sharing.

This time around, a developer has decided to harness the power of Ultrasound and use it to share files from one device to another. Remember how sharks and dolphins use waves inaudible to the human ear to communicate? Well, our devices have just been given that ability… This kinda makes me fee Ultron is not too far away; if devices can interact using ultrasound. Oh well, that is probably just me being paranoid.

Anyways, this app is called Radon and would utilize bluetooth WiFi and ultrasound in conjunction with Google’s nearby API to share links. This might be a normal thing to most of us but for those who are on a locked down platform(*coughs*..Apple), hope this works for you. The only down side I do see is the fact that it is used to share just links(that’s kinda …shallow?). I don’t know if this would be a permanent thing or if it would integrate the option to share files too like the aforementioned apps. And like these apps and like you’ve probably figured out, the other party needs to have Radon installed.

This bears a lot of similarities to pushbullet and pocket – hey, these guys outta pay me for giving them ideas like this…#justsaying. You could try the app out yourself; get it from the play store here. Oh, one more thing, this app is exclusive to Android(for now at least)

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