South Korea plans to build the largest test site for self-driving cars in the world

So far self driving cars have been making the craze. We are now so lazy that we want to be driven about with our hands in our pocket. It is not like I myself I’m the most hardworking. Left to me, I wouldn’t mind playing PES on a very busy expressway in my car, just me no driver! Of course I’m an advocate for self driving cars although such cars are largely under restrictions with a lot of legislations globally forbidding self driving cars on major roads. This has intensified the need for more acute tests to perfect the self driving car technology.

South Korea much to my relish is championing the tests for self driving cars massively. The government of south is building a site dedicated to self driving cars with an extensive size of 88 acres. This would climb up to be the biggest testing centre for self driving cars on the whole world. From reports reaching us, companies like Samsung. Hyundai who have been lurching for self driving cars would use this site to test have self-driving cars.
The facility from the architectural arrangements on ground would boast 360,000 square meters well enhanced with expressways and bus-only lanes. About $9.7 million is set to be soaked in this project.

I can’t wait for self driving cars to get to naija, at least a better chance to escape LASTMA and “roja” wahala.

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