Have you seen the latest Opera’s browser?

Allows you direct access to WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

When it comes to the king of browsers, many would not easily give the crown to Opera. Yet we must admire Opera for its doggedness in remaining relevant in the browser technological niche. To get opera more tantalizing to users, Opera has rolled in some features tags sure to refresh you, the latest addition is a messaging sidebar built directly into the browser interface. From the sidebar, it is well integrated giving you an outlet to directly access your Facebook messenger, your WhatsApp, as well as your Telegram. This way you don’t have to exit the opera for accessing the stated social media platform.

We have earlier on had a glimpse of this feature back when Opere debuted its test Neon browser. Although we can’t tell much of the efficiency of this browser would be with all these enticing features, it is even possible it may at the tail end appear crowded. But it definitely would be surely heartwarming however to be able to access your social media platforms without leaving your browser.
The functionality is well welcomed considering that you don’t have to switch from your opera to your chats, you can have them now incorporated in one browser. I would really applaud Opera for this, no hype, but it is typifying excellence on the side of Opera!

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