Hurray iTunes for Windows is coming to the Windows Store

Well of late we have been having many surprises, things we wouldn’t have easily predicted from the start. From the $70 million hidden away in a house in Lagos to Donald Trump winning the U.S. Presidential elections, to Britain voting to leave the EU down to Chelsea winning the English premiere league all the way from 10th position last season. We have just been singing a album of “waohs” as we are been fed mouthfuls of surprises continuously. And to keep the frenzy going on, Microsoft is unleashing another surprise on us.

Microsoft is allowing iTunes on board the Windows Store. This was a bolt out the blue though as Microsoft made the announcement at its Build conference rattling the world that iTunes will be making its debut the Windows Store.

iTunes is coming to the Windows Store by the end of this year. #MSBuild

— Windows (@Windows) May 11, 2017

Well while this is shocking, we can’t however deny that it is goodnews. Time past what we had for iTunes was a standalone app which was restricted to the website of Apple. Considering this, if we now have iTunes on Windows Store, you can now see the gladdening convenience this brings in as people can now more comfortably download it on their laptops.

What we can’t say for now however is if it is going to be a standalone version of the iTunes. On a personal note, I hope Microsoft can extend its nice gesture further into bringing Chrome to the Windows Store.

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