Sorry Mac people, Microsoft Has No Immediate Plan For An Xbox App For The Mac

Going by the description of Microsoft as to the Xbox app, “Whether you’re new to Xbox or a hardcore gamer, the Xbox app is the place to play games, meet up with friends, make new ones, and rack up achievements.” You could get the app across several platforms among which is Windows, Windows Phone, Android, and even iOS.

No Xbox for Mac

So when it comes to platforms which basically don’t have the Xbox app we, we would be basically talking about Apple’s Mac platform and Linux. While Linux is a quite a complex story, Mac users who probably still maintain high hopes that Microsoft would soon release an Xbox app for their platform, should borrow more patience as the truth is Microsoft is not really planning on that any time soon.

Taking clue from a tweet by Microsoft’s Xbox boss Phil Spencer, the possibility is solid that there isn’t sufficient demand for the Xbox app on the Mac, this is one strong justification for why they have not developed one yet. The comforting side of this story however is that Spencer is not entirely shutting the door on this idea as he has asked Mac users to post their comments on the Xbox feedback page.

Guess Mac Users still got to wait

This for sure should not be quickly seen as a guarantee that they will make an Xbox app for the Mac, but then if considerable pressure mounts from increasing interests in it, Microsoft may eventually consider it.

However just as we pointed out here, it is not safe to seriously anticipate it any time soon, however you could contribute your quota by telling Microsoft what you want.

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