Taking An Unravelling Review At The Sony Xperia Z5

The Sony Xperia Z5 is one lovely piece of technology there you will not deny. Some would say it is an ambitious throw by Sony aimed at winning back royalty in the smartphone market, a market already relishing its entertainment at the palaces of Apple, Samsung and the rest.


But we at JustNaira will not besiege you with opinions lacking facts hence we bring you a comprehensive review of the Sony Xperia Z5.



This is well related to how you count, this could be the eighth or tenth handset to bear the “Xperia Z” name. They all carry that bear that similar identity as regards the firm’s Omnibalance design language which places emphasis on symmetry as well as innocence, so not mighty variations over the years.

On the other way round, ancestors of the Sony device came along with a famous sleep/wake button on the right-hand side, this one comes in a dimension of a flatter, wider alternative. This boils down to the button now also working as a fingerprint sensor.

It is something we know Sony for, since a lot of other companies would at once have disposed of the feature or better still added it somewhere which ushers in more convenience. HTC, Samsung and Apple have all located fingerprint sensors on the home button, and then LG alongside others have stamped it on the underside of the device.

That wouldn’t really have been a better option for Sony, however, and so it had less than the choice of making it work fitting in with the natural grip of the prospective user.

This is one golden effort put into this that many wouldn’t easily notice. In addition to this, Sony has pretty sweated it out so as to make sure that the 5.2-inch device has a lot smaller feel than it physically is.

Well, it is possible to initially be of the perspective that it’s all hard angles and straight lines, but the the truth is the sides of the device have all been rounded-off to add in the certainty that it could turn out to be a sad inconvenience of biting hard at the fleshy, pain-sensitive parts of your palm.

It all adds up to a piece of kit that is comfortable to hold for long sustained intervals of time, but then the trade-off we have here is that the phone’s smooth glass back is kind of frictionless — so there is that disturbing reality as much as risk that it could slide out of your greasy palm.

Just in the manner of the company’s devices, the Xperia Z5 is water and dust proof coming with an Ingress Protection rating of 65/68. What this means is that it will work in the harshest of sandstorms (more theoretically) as well as survive immersion in shallow water for a short period of time.

Certainly, this has its application if the port cap concealing the SIM and microSD card trays is sealed, in the absence of this, there is very slim hope of recovery if the device breaks. However, the micro-USB port which you can see on the bottom of the device is “capless” and so the company put forth the advice that, should the worst incidence occur, you let the phone dry out before making a move to recharge.

To round up my analysis of hardware, the combined SIM and microSD tray is well enclosed on the left side of the device, while the micro-USB port is comfortably spotted on the bottom. Do you recollect the dock port that we could have known on the Sony forefathers of this Z5? This is nowhere to be found again, the demise makes the phone kind of fussy and cluttered.

When you move on top, you will come across the usual 3.5mm headphone jack, while down on the right you will see the power sleep/wake fingerprint sensor, volume rocker and the faithful camera button.

The only features on the front not including that display is a super-subtle Sony logo as well as an adjacent 5-megapixel selfie cam; while the primary lens didn’t change positions sitting well in the top left corner of the back.

Display and sound


Do you have knowledge that Sony produced HDTVs and high-definition audio equipment? They do. With this in mind, it is not too surprising that this 5.2-inch 1,920 x 1,080 Triluminos LCD display happens to be one of the finest mobile screens on the market at present.

This is the proud reality of this smartphone. It comes with that gasping color reproduction, alluring black levels and neat viewing angles that will surely pave the way for the person beside you on the plane to at least side enjoy a neat sight of what you’re watching.

When we come down to sound, Sony has brought in the usual forward-facing stereo speakers at the top and bottom of the device which fill in the same role as the HTC’s BoomSound setup. At full volume, audio is decent, clear and just loud enough to give you you audibility from across the room, but then it wouldn’t be bad if was louder even spiced with mightier bass.

Sony doesn’t share my resolution definitely choosing rather to bundle in its own high-res audio converter that prefers loudness less to clarity. That gets more evident when you put on a pair of half-decent headphones, since the phone can even make your average YouTube clip sound really distinct.


  Sony is well famous for dragging its feet when it comes to getting users onto the latest and greatest version of Android. We may be celebrating the arrival of Marshmallow, but the Z5 is still lagging behind with Lollipop, although Sony is promising an update at some point.

Sony has done its usual job of almost, but not quite, leaving Android alone, albeit with the usual additional apps and overlays that remind you that the company has video and audio stores it’d like you to buy from. I won’t bore you with discussions of Lollipop because, at this point, it’s a year old and Sony’s touches aren’t noteworthy enough to talk about in detail.

The one thing worth discussing is how the power button can pull double-duty as a fingerprint scanner. Setting this up was relatively easy. The app will repeatedly ask you to place your finger on the pad until it’s developed a comprehensive picture of your print.

If there’s an issue with that, it’s because, unlike when you shove your finger on a home button, you’re not really thinking about where you drop your digit in its natural hold stance. Unfortunately, that means it fails to unlock the phone about a third of the time until you re-adjust your fingers.



Of course we know that Sony makes cameras for itself, even components for firms like Nikon and Fujifilm, as well as imaging sensors for devices among which is the iPhone. It wouldn’t be too shocking that the Z5’s 1/2.3-inch Exmor RS 23-megapixel camera is the big shot feature this device flaunts.

In the background of the science and plenty talk is the assertion that the phone’s autofocus will have the capacity to snap images into clarity within just 0.03 seconds. Well it is best you see and confirm for yourself in this case, Well to the applaud of Sony, the Z5 can either really do very great work on your behalf so as to give you juicy additional control in the manual mode.

If we come to the aspect of pictures, I dare say they will be one of the best you set your eyes on a smartphone and despite all I could concoct to test the lens, it was able to deal with. Certainly, on a bright, clear day, the shots that I took have sparklingly attractive, subtle colors and very nutritious amounts of detail.

I will add in here that it is probably the phone’s night time performance that makes it more peculiar, and while the images still have that much noisy side, it still doesn’t lack the ability of capturing a lot of information. To attest to this, try take some of those shots of the night-time sky where you can really have a good view of the cloud even different shades in the night.

You will infer that despite being in a dark auditorium with only the least edge lighting you could get , the phone will be able to bring forth images that may even beat the classic Nokia 1020. In more particular details, if Sony produces another QX10-style portable lens camera, it has far more than the prowess of displacing the Z5’s sensor into a device the size of something like the Narrative Clip. I know I will need to drink a lot of anointing oil to keep off that one.

Performance and battery life

The Xperia Z5 comes in an an octa-core Snapdragon 810 chip paired with Adreno 430 graphics and 3GB of RAM, this ties it on the same level with the Nexus 6P. Each app does well to load in interval of a second, I didn’t really see any slowdown or even that jerkiness that would typically upset you about the device- irrespective of what you’re doing with it.

What I must do well to add here is that the device gets kind of warm in the event of running a performance-heavy app for a sustained period of time. Sony’s Xperia Z5 comes with a 2,900mAh battery and the prospects that the device will keep up for two whole days on a charge. That is for sure in the circumstance when I was using it very lightly, playing some of those heavy tasking mobile games will reduce the battery stay and its lifespan would be appreciably reduced by quite a measure. In a conventional day-to-day use, I got down to say 40% by my night sleeping time.

This kind of conventional usage could be likened to playing an HD video on repeat with the brightness set to 50 percent; under those conditions, the device had a duration of about seven hours. In all honesty, this is quite less than my expectation at a a battery of this size. Bringing it into comparison here, Samsung’s Galaxy S6 managed to sustain me for 11 hours under the similar conditions of usage on a 2,550mAh cell.


The camera can be rightly said to be one of the best out there as to mobile lenses on the market at present , and there’s already a big clamour ringing across ears that Samsung has plans for it in the next Galaxy. Same for the display, which I would with pretty glee stare into for hours at a time, not forgetting the performance, which stands shoulder-to-shoulder proudly with its Android counterparts.

On the battery side, the smartphone was kind of a let down ( but it greatly depends on you). The same could be said for the speakers, which aren’t too audacious enough for you to employ your phone as a portable audio player in the absence of headphones.

The software too, and it’s quite ridiculous that Sony would be trailing behind when we consider the fact that the Android M has been publicly known for months now, it could be well said that Sony had all the grace to June to get the latest version working on the Z5. No, software development is not as easy as making an installation of a ROM onto your phone, but Sony can’t claim to be not well grounded here.

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