Google Launches Chrome Beta for iOS with 3D Touch support

Google will now give iOS users the opportunity to test a beta version of Chrome (as the company revealed some few days back on a low-key), an added support for the iPhone and iPad to its list of test platforms.


Google’s beta version of its mobile browser at present will present support for 3D Touch as well as a few other little alterations, and the company will give you the avenue to try it out making use of Apple’s TestFlight developer tool. Apple acquired TestFlight, which allows app makers beta test apps without the rigor of passing through the App Store. For you to try Chrome beta for iOS, download and register for TestFight from the App Store.

Then proceed to visit Google’s Chrome beta download website and then easily tap the button that reads “download Chrome beta.” You will now receive email and then exercise very little patience till the TestFlight sends you a notification which indicates that the app is ready to download.


The very clear advantage here is 3D Touch support, which blesses you with the avenue to hard-press on the Chrome home screen icon to open a new tab or launch voice search.


Google has long been in the process of developer channels for the purpose of testing out software on Mac, Windows, and Android, but has not until some few days ago tried to open the avenue for iOS.

This week, Apple upped the limit on TestFlight from 1,000 to 2,000 users increasing at double the testing period from 30 to 60 days.

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