Snapchat, finally releases its special Lenses for iPhone X users

Last year at the launch of the iPhone X, Apple japed iPhone X-exclusive AR Snapchat Lenses, and now Snapchat is releasing them at last. iPhone X users are the only ones that will have the ability to see the three lenses available today because of the TrueDepth front-facing camera of the devices. the lenses include a Mardi Gras-esque mask, a Day of the Dead skull, and a pretty gold-plated eye cover.

These lenses can easily be noticed more tightly sticking to the face about the jawline going off photos and videos provided by Snapchat. According to Snap, the lenses should reflect the surrounding light more realistically and also, the TrueDepth camera lets it blur the background in these lenses and accurately apply small details and 3D objects.

When Apple presented these lenses in last year, it didn’t say how much data app developers would receive from the camera. However, our sources report that the company plans to share facial mapping dta which would power these accurate lenses.

Apple’s developer agreement says third-party app makers only have access to the visual facial mapping data and not the mathematical representation of it used to unlock the device through Face ID. Apple however claims that the latter in encrypted on the device and its employees have no access to it. Nevertheless, developers have access to a map of a user’s face as part of the TrueDepth camera, and also data that could inform a developer on about 50 facial expressions you make.

Apple has stated that this data cannot be used for advertising or marketing neither can it be bundled and sold to analytics companies or data brokers. Apple banned developers from creating profiles of anonymous users by using identifying facial capture information. This implies that Snap can’t store information about the expressions made with these lenses or use them to target users with ads.

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