Microsoft to streamline Skype call recording with new Content Creator mode

According to the report reaching us from our sources, Skype is at last getting a call recording feature after 15 years since the platform was released. However, Skype is not building its own recording feature as our sources stated but it will be relying on third-party apps which include Xsplit, Wirecast, and Vmix. These products that have been mentioned have given users the ability to record Skype calls for years now, but it appears as if Microsoft wants a version that is more streamlined.

Our sources also report that Windows 10 and Mac users will be able to record calls if they switch their desktop Skype client to “Content Creators” mode – a new version that is designed for vloggers, streamers, and podcast creators. Users are free to select any third-party software of their choice for use and Skype at the moment supports the integration. Skype sees to it that users now have the ability to stream a call live on the YouTube channel or Twitch stream. Also, a user can also import audio files into editing tools like Adobe Premiere Pro.

Even though Microsoft has not exclusively made mention of this, it’s easy to imagine that others would find the new feature to be useful including: reporters doing calls with international sources, business meetings without any notetakers available, and so on. It is quite strange that it took Skype a long time to formally acknowledge the usefulness of such a feature even if it was just meant to partner with existing app makers that already agree to it. Besides, newer products such as Zoom and Google Hangouts have made recording of calls possible.

Skype is going to launch the new recording integration by next week at the NAB in Las Vegasshow. The full release is however scheduled for this summer.

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