Snap, working on a feature that controls access from third-party apps.

According to the reports reaching us from our sources, Snap is currently working to develop a new feature which will give users the ability to control which third-party app will have access to their Snapchat accounts. The reports stated that the latest beta version of Snapchat includes a new tab in the settings screen called “Connected Apps.” The screen has a text written on it which reads: “These apps are connected to your Snapchat account. Choose an app to control what it has access to.”

A lot of people believe that the timing for this new feature is terrible considering the fact that Facebook is at the moment facing a public outburst as a result of its data collection policies. The scandal of Facebook broke out after some reports reached one of our sources disclosing that a third-party firm Cambridge Analytica mishandled the user data of about 50 million Facebook users.

The new Snapchat settings screen is probably of a like form as those on Facebook, Twitter, and Google where users have the ability to control the access of third-party apps. The Bitmoji app which is owned by Snap is now being permitted by the company to be used on Snapchat accounts. Snap also set up a partnership with Shazam giving users the liberty to be able to identify music and send music discoveries as snaps to their friends.

More features have also been introduced by the company like a Map Explore tool and custom face lenses. It is important for one to take note at this point that the screens found were in beta (testing) version and that it may not be released. However, if the beta decides to move on to granting access to your Snapchat to more third-party apps, it may bring about a whole lot of new features for you on the upside. But on the downside, you face the risk of giving more companies potential access to your data.

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