Skype group video calling arrives on Android and iOS today

Some time last month, Microsoft made a solemn pledge to bring in Skype group video calling for smartphones, and now today it is fulfilling it promise. The software maker will today begin to enable the option on Skype accounts in the US and Europe, and at this same pace execute the completion of the roll out over the next week. According to Microsoft, by March this the feature will be enjoyed worldwide with no restrictions.

Skype group video calling arrives on Android and iOS today

Skype group video calling arrives on Android and iOS today

Microsoft is making room for a number in maximum of 25 people to enjoy participation in a Skype group video call, and then the person talking with be displayed in the center. Intel has been in close work with Microsoft to give its SILK Super Wide Band audio codec the functionality to run on Azure cloud servers who source their performance from Intel’s processors, giving Microsoft the enablement of offloading a portion of the processing power required for such large conversations.

In the company of the group video calling roll out, Microsoft also is going about making extensions of its Skype chat invitation feature to Android and iOS. This gives anyone the opportunity to invite people to a group conversation, and they can evenly partake in a video call via the medium of Skype for Web.


Microsoft would not be the groundbreakers as to starting group video calling on mobile devices. For long, Google Hangouts has been compatible with up to 10 people on the same video call, but then the implication of Skype’s 300 million users represents a very commendable development.
Apple is yet to enable an technically identical feature for iOS, this throws FaceTime into pole position as the only major video calling service to sport inadequacy of group video calling on the iPhone.

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