Google Allow Users Send Money via Gmail

Google, the internet giant has announced to roll out a new feature that will enable its users to quickly and securely send money to friends and family directly within Gmail. According to a post on the official Google Commerce blog, Google Wallet has been integrated into Gmail. Very soon, a dollar sign will start popping in Gmail accounts of people who already use Google Wallet. A click will enable users’ state the recipient and the amount they wish to send as an attachment.

Send Money via Gmail

As the video below explains, the recipient doesn’t have to have a Gmail address and you can receive money as well. Users who link their bank accounts to Google Wallet receive transactions for free. Those using debit or credit cards pay a 2.9% transaction fee (minimum $0.30), and transactions are limited to $10,000.

According to Google, the transactions are encrypted and stored on secure servers. Transactions are also monitored to preempt fraudulent activity. Google Wallet Purchase Protection also covers 100% of “eligible unauthorized transactions.”

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Google said it will gradually roll this service out to its Gmail users.

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