How to Scan and Save Document as PDF on Android

 Scanning and saving document as PDF is quite possible and easy with Android devices.


One day, I visited a public library in a neighbouring state and saw an interesting book.  I’ve been searching for this text book for a long time. I was happy when I found it, but I don’t have enough time to go through the book and there is no provision to borrow book from the library to another state. The only option I got was to come back and I don’t even know the time I will be able to visit the state again. I immediately brought out my smartphone to scan and save some pages of the book as PDF and later read it when I get back to my house.

I told a friend about the experience. I was astonished when he replied back with ‘could that be possible’? He went ahead and said even if it’s possible, I won’t be able to convert it to text. I sat him down and explained some fact about Android phone to him. I’ll also do the same here today.

Your Android phone is a handy scanner and Optical character recognition (OCR) tool. You can use your Android device to scan documents, notes and many similar things.

To start scanning documents on your Android device, go to Google play store and search for “CamScanner” of download it directly on your Android device from

CamScanner is handy and easy to use. If you wish to convert the scanned document to text, check Free OCR Software To Easily Convert Images Into Text.

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