Get Real Time Conversion Rate of any Currency Using Google

I noticed that most people just use Google Search to search for things online, but they don’t know the extent the search engine can work.


Few months ago, I shared How to Use Google to Solve Simple & Complicated Mathematics and some readers mailed me that they don’t even know Google search can work like that.

Some people don’t know Google search engine is a great tool. Those who know the proper way to use Google Search can testify that it makes life easier. What some people will spend hours on, before getting the actual results needed, can be sourced within few minutes by those who know how to use Google Search properly.

Converting any currency is quite easy with Google.

The results you get are updated and current.

For instance, I’m a Nigerian, whenever I need to know the real time conversion rate of any currency: like dollar to naira, euro to naira, pound sterling to naira and etc. I just type the (amount e.g. 1) (currency to convert e.g. dollar) to (currency needed e.g. naira).

If I want to know how much a dollar is when converted to naira, I will just type “1 Dollar to Naira” in Google search box and in few seconds, I will get a result like what you are seeing below.


If I want to convert Euro to Naira, I will follow the same method as above by typing “1 Euro to Naira” in the search box. See the result below.


Japanese who wish to know the amount a dollar is when converted to Yen will just type “1 dollar to yen”. See the result below.


The list goes on.

You no longer need any other tool to get the latest currency conversion rate of your country as long as Google Search is available.

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