Samsung would start manufacturing foldable smartphone the third quarter of this year

When we talk about smartphones that fold, we think that is a technological fantasy that will take many years more to be birthed into our civilization. But it is not really that distant invention anymore. According to information reaching us, the possibility is strengthening that Samsung would produce these foldable smartphones very soon. Talking in more precise details, Samsung would commence the production of “thousands of prototypes” this very year- the third quarter precisely.

So far Samsung had made reasonable progress in this direction reaching the milestone of foldable screen tech which presents four phases: curved, rollable, foldable and bent. And now Samsung is making bold steps towards this by beginning work on a functional prototype of this mouthwatering foldable smartphone.

This is how it is going to work: when Samsung introduces the prototype of this phone and the market glamorously adopts it, then Samsung can reach the solid decision to start manufacturing this foldable smartphone on a large scale.

We are now expecting a foldable smartphone from Samsung in the third quarter of this year, almost same time Samsung announces its Galaxy Note series.

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