Samsung announces it would be releasing its smart speaker soon

In business never rule out the possibilities. Diversity is becoming the modern security as everyone brand is spreading its wings about. Don’t be surprised when you soon see “Dangote Bets”. No joy anywhere. Thus it is not really surprising that Samsung too is diving into the smart speaker business.



Confirmations coming from DJ Koh, who is the president of Samsung’s mobile division gave credence to this. The confirmation came at Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 event. Although DJ Koh didn’t nail a timeline to when the first smart speaker would be coming out, he did raise optimism by saying it is coming out soon. Just in case you are bemused at what smart speaker is, it is really very simple. A smart speaker is a kind of wireless speaker that deploys Bluetooth, WiFi and essentially extends past an audio playback.

According to Koh, Samsung already has its productive hands busier on the device with a motivation to bring out a “fruitful user experience at home with Samsung devices, and [he] want[s] to be moving quite heavily on it.”

For some time now we have been hearing about Samsung’s fresh digital assistant, Bixby. However DJ Koh didn’t specify if the upcoming smart speaker would come with the exciting Bixby. So far, we have seen Samsung ambitiously integrating it refrigerators with Bixby and we are hearing of lacing Bixby into Samsung wearables and even TVs.


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