You can now shoot 360-degree photos inside your Facebook app: How To

Facebook never ceases to bring new things aboard. Zuckerberg and his team of engineers are always trying to keep the “waoh” element alive in the entire Facebook package. Well, they don’t have much of an option, staleness is an open cheque invitation to being left behind. On a domestic level APC snatching Aso Rock from PDP is enough example of the consequence of letting your guard down. So what is Facebook bringing out this time?


It is the Facebook app this time. For over twelve months, we have enjoyed the capacity to view (as well as upload 360-degree photos) but some of us were already getting dissatisfied and were already anticipating the capacity to capture them ourselves. Now, you have your wish. Facebook is now giving you that feature: your ability to make 360-degree photos on your Android phone as well as your iOS device without the need of a camera or a third-party app.  

The process is going to resemble the way you create panoramas in the camera app of smartphone. This is because phones today don’t yet have the capacity for 360-degree cameras.

So how do you create these 360-degree photos in your Facebook app?

First you scroll to the top of News Feed. When you get there, click on the button tagged “360 Photo”. Good, when you have done that, you can now gradually spin around for a complete turn. Make sure while spinning carefully around, the graphic is centered in the middle. So when you are through, you could possibly select the starting point of your 360 Photo after which you can proceed to publishing it. You also have the option of setting it as a cover photo.

For the fact that capture process is not a one-time really brisk procedure, the update is curtailed precisely to 360-degree photos for now.


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