Reviewing the HTC 10, one of HTC’s best efforts so far

Officially, HTC has announced the HTC 10, which happens to be its flagship smartphone for this year.The HTC 10 is not a big deviation from the M9 of last year, rhyming suitably with the make up of the M series as well we blending in well with the A9. HTC revealed that the HTC 10 spent 12 months in the design phases as HTC diligently and patiently took in feedbacks from its customers and then integrating them as much as possible into the design the formative process.

Reviewing the HTC 10, one of HTC best efforts so far

There is no much doubt that the HTC 10 presents almost all you would have in expectations of a modern 2016 android smartphone. It presents a 5.2-inch, equally bringing quad HD Super LCD 5 display which HTC asserts brings in a display exceeding last year’s phone by 30 percent in terms of color .The screen has a confident covering in Gorilla Glass well adorned with curved edges that really agree well the phone’s metal frame.

The HTC 10 sources its power from a 4GB of RAM and then a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. These components we have only come across on not so many high-end Android phones already this 2016. There is also an internal storage capacity of 32GB in addition to a MicroSD in case you want to expand the memory size. HTC voices its confidence that it consciously designed an optimization of the software of the HTC 10 as well as its hardware such that it beats the previous HTC designs by 50% in terms of responsiveness. The battery comprises of 3,000mAh, with the company saying is good to last for a duration of possibly two days of life owing to the optimization we had mentioned to hardware and software. This phone also supports Quick Charge 3.0 via the USB Type-C port of the phone.

There is no significant difference between the design of the 10 and that of the A9 and the M9. A most suitable description of the HTC 10 is that it is a blend of the two. The HTC 10 presents the all-aluminum construction which is the hall-mark HTC’s signature. The edges of the phone are neatly and aptly cut coming with machined ports. We have the fingerprint scanner below the fingerprint scanner which is in the company of two capacitive buttons which functions for recent and recent apps. This is a move away from the on-screen buttons which HTC adopted in the previous phones it released the last years. The phone has a commendable appearance but then it is not enough to say it is thoroughly innovative in the design. This time it doesn’t share appearance with the iPhone anyway.


Reviewing the HTC 10, one of HTC best efforts so far

It has been a long problem of HTC pertaining to an unimpressive camera performance in its flagship phones. With this HTC10, we see solutions to the notorious camera problems of its predecessors. The rear camera here presents a 12-megapixel sensor behind a lens which is an optically stabilized f/1.8 model of lens. This should of course be capable of taking improved photos even in low which is a big step ahead of HTC’s previous efforts. The smartphone presents a dual-LED flash as well as a second-generation laser autofocus system. The camera also has the capacity to capture 4K video which is spiced with 24-bit high resolution audio.

We also had an upgrade in the front camera of the HTC 10. Coming up into a 5-megapixel sensor which is optically stabilized, f/1.8 wide angle lens (we actually have not seen front-facing cameras from HTC before now), as we earlier mentioned.


Reviewing the HTC 10, one of HTC best efforts so far

We can say that the largest changes we have for the HTC 10 is software. This HTC is very much similar to Google’s model of of Android which is way more improved than previous efforts from HTC. HTC made revelations that its had a partnership with Google so as to realize the reduction of duplicative apps with the HTC 10 making use of Google’s apps for major functions as photos, calendar as well as music. HTC’s email,camera apps as well as messaging haven’t left yet. The interface more closely bears a resemblance with a Nexus device. HTC asserts that its made another design of its apps so that they could fit in with Material Design guidelines. Certainly, once carriers get in front of the HTC 10, we are sure to see a lot of duplicative apps as well as bloatware sneaking into the phone.

Reviewing the HTC 10, one of HTC best efforts so far

On the grounds of everything HTC has presented us, the 10 doesn’t have the technical look of a complete innovation. We can’t say it has thoroughly mind-blowing technologies or bring in a new path to smartphone design. Though the changes HTC brought in this device commendably beats all HTC previous efforts, thus we are obliged to greatly commend HTC.

THE HTC 10 would be available in two colors —silver and black — strictly in the US, but then we here in Nigeria as well as the universal markets will be presented with an additional colour option of gold. HTC has started making provisions for an unlocked edition of the 10 through its online store.

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