Reports: Apple intern leaked iPhone source code

Earlier in the week, a part of the source code of iOS was posted online to GitHub. This took an interesting turn when our reports reaching us from our sources disclosed that the person who leaked the code used to be an intern for Apple.

According to the reports, the intern stole the code and distributed it among his small group of friends (about five of them in number) in the iOS jailbreaking community in a bid to aid them with their attempts to outsmart Apple’s locked down mobile operating system. Also according to one of the individuals who had received the code in the first place, it appears as if the intern took “all sorts of Apple internal tools and whatnot,” along with an additional source code that was obviously not part in the initial leak.

The plan in the beginning was to make sure that the code would not leave the enclave of the five friends; however, at some point last year, the code was broadcasted far outside the scope of the group of five, until finally, the code was then posted in a Discord chat group after which it was shared to Reddit about four months ago (but then again, that post was removed automatically by a moderation bot.)

But then, it was posted again to GitHub this week, which is when things snowballed to where they are now, with Apple ordering GitHub to remove the code.

Then again, it was posted to GitHub this week and that was when the whole thing increased at an accelerating rate to where they are at the moment. Apple however has asked GitHub to remove the code.Furthermore on the reports we got from our sources, an informant at Apple asserts that the company was already aware that the source code had been leaked before it even got to GitHub. This does make sense seeing that the code appears to have been passed around the jailbreaking community for quite some time.

Apple on its part doesn’t look concerned about the possible security issues. It noted in a statement that the code was already about three years old, and that “the security of our products doesn’t depend on the secrecy of our source code.”

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