LG, reported to launch a new device with an AI camera feature

In accordance with the reports we got from our sources, LG could be launching a new smartphone device called the LG V30s meant to be an upgraded version of LG’s V30 flagship at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) this year.

The V30s is supposedly going to be sharing a like design as the LG V30s. unlike the V30 however; the V30s will be carrying a new AI-powered camera feature which according to the reports is somewhat similar to Google Lens or Bixby Vision on the Pixel 2 as well as the Samsung Galaxy S8 respectively. Furthermore on the report, the LG version is alleged to have the ability to identify products and offer online purchasing links or suggestions of a similar nature, carry out bar and QR code scanning, and also translate written text (like the Google’s Word Lens functionality).

More so, the V30s is also reported to ship with 256GB of onboard storage, in contrast to the 64GB and 128GB on the actual V30 and V30 Plus. It is nonetheless uncertain if LG will be making other changes for example, upgrading the processor to this year’s Snapdragon 845 model.

LG is by all odds late to the game with regards to AI-powered cameras particularly in comparison to its competitors. In addition, it is coming out from a place of relative weakness in the market in terms of the maturity of AI as well as machine learning prowess which is absolutely essential for this type of smart camera feature to work well over and above just simply shipping devices. The smart camera feature is a good idea, however, it is quite impossible to place how having this feature will help LG get a firm footing amidst its competitors – the dominant forces of Samsung or the home-team advantage of Google’s Pixel phones in the long run, even if it does function properly of which there’s no certainty or guaranty whatsoever.

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