How to Renew CSCS Online Access Subscription Account Online

How can I renew my CSCS online access subscription account through the internet?


Many people don’t really know the procedures involves in renewing their CSCS online access subscription account online. Well it is not as difficult as it may seem to you.

The C.S.C.S in full is know as the Central Securities Clearing System as you may know. The C.S.C.S account gives the investor in The Nigeria’s Stock market the opportunity to supervise and control his investments. If you have an online account, you could manage and supervise your investments from almost anywhere even remotely provided you have an internet access and you have subscribed for their access service ( the online version) .

Once you have subscribed to the CSCS online access account, you now have the option of using the internet to renew your subscription avoiding the possible inconvenience of going to the bank or their office to pay up. It is usually in your best interests to do this in advance prior to the suspension of your account but even if it has been suspended, the suspension would no longer be valid and will be annulled once you have done your payments online successfully.

Now let us go through procedures on how to go about the online renewal exercise.

To start with, go to the CSCS renewal website and then take the renew option. After this, enter your account type. After you have done this, put in your account type for example you could enter Individual investor if that is your account type. Proceed to fill in your username including your alphanumeric CSCS account number which for example could be something like C12963829037485AK. Now select the number of years you wish the subscription to last. After that take the option of paying online. Choose the Renew subscription button. Following that, look through the transaction details shown. If you are already a member, your details including your name will be shown. Select the process payment button,after which you could choose your card type for example MasterCard, Verve, or Visa. Select Proceed. Proceed to Log into Quickteller and make the appropriate payment.

Should the payment be successful, you will get in return a positive feedback also providing you with the transaction reference numbers

Once you have made the required the payment successfully, you can now log into your CSCC account, you could still log in to the account despite the fact that your account had been previously disabled. Also available for you to see is the duration of your active subscription, or possibly the added span of your advance subscription.

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