Earn Good Income by Selling MTN Data Plans

These days, a large number of Nigerians subscribe to data plans for a lot of reasons. Most of the common reasons include mobile chatting, browsing, downloading and many more. While some would incur more expenses to buy data others are prepared to go the distance of being charged 5 kobo per kilobyte, but then we know this is not the best option.



You of course have the nice prospects of earning good income when you offer people the means to which they could buy data at a rate much lesser than that they could get charged when they buy directly from MTN. This you could do through the official MTN SME Data Share plan.

The MTN Nigeria’s SME data plan program is designed to help subscribers who have more money at their disposal to buy more data for a fee as amazingly low as N700 for a Gigabyte with the least plan selling for as low as N1000 for one Gigabyte.

If you can purchase 1GB from MTN at a fee which stands at N1,000 from MTN and the possibly sell it again to subscribers for say N1200 or even N1500, then it is safe to say that is good business since it has a good rate of return hence making it almost lucrative.

As at now, MTN is selling 10GB for N10,000, 50GB for N40,500, or 20GB for N18,000 and then on the highest 75GB for N52,500. You could begin to enjoy this service by subscribing first to the package, this is possible when you send 460 to 131 through SMS or then you could dial *461#. Well without big talk, you can clearly see that this is one big way to save money when you buy data from MTN to resell. You could make your gain by selling profitably when you simply dial *461# to share the data.

You could have your doubts and wonder why prospective customers will not bypass you preferring to buy straight from MTN. Yes, but not many persons would have that weight of money to buy such bulk data straight from MTN and moreover, many of these sect of people don’t use that big amount of data and would rather choose a more convenient 100MB or even 50MB. Surely if they choose to buy directly, it is costlier.

At present MTN data plans basically available to the generality of Nigerians sells 10 MB for N100, 50 MB for N200 and 260 MB for N1,000. But then, with a cheap 10GB which you bought at N10,000 via the SME data plan, you can see from the calculations that you now have 10MB for N10 or even 300MB for N300.

Does the MTN’s normal data plan differ from their SME data share plan? Let us say one deviation I have seen between the two is that there are no rollovers for data in the case of the SME data share plan. In addition to this, data which you have sold to Customer A will expire when yours which is that of owner expires.

Yet you see it is good medium to earning reasonably as well as save money should you choose to browse with MTN. I find the opportunity to buy data at a rate of N1 for each MB delicious even making it very convenient. This is not offered by many service providers.

Moreover, you could build relationship with others who buy data when you offer them your service.

It may seem hectic loading a recharge card of a worth of N10,000 airtime. Well, it is not necessary, using your card on the ATM machine is a better option. Another way around this is using Quickteller’s website as well as through dialing your bank’s USSD code to get airtime topup.

Things you will find necessary for the operation are: A mobile phone with MTN sim N10,000 airtime credit or more. Then the Subscription to MTN SME data share plan when you dial *461#.

Subscription Plans

Plan Keyword to Activate Plan Number of Shares Monthly Bundle Price (N)
10 GB SMS 465 to 131 or dial *461# and follow the prompt 10 10,000
20 GB SMS 466 to 131 or dial *461# and follow the prompt 10 18,000
50 GB SMS 467 to 131 or dial *461# and follow the prompt 10 40,500
75 GB SMS 468 to 131 or dial *461# and follow the prompt 10 52,500

 *All packages are valid for 30 days

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