Why 95% of People Always Fail No Matter How Hard They Try

It’s a fact that out of the people who go online to become an internet marketer, blogger and build other online businesses, only 5% will be successful while the other 95% will not. And the saddest part of it is that they lose a lot of money in the process and many other things like time invested and the rest.


Despite the fact that the internet is flooded with good manuals, ebooks, coaching etc. that teaches and impact knowledge on how to become a successful internet marketer, blogger, and other online businesses. But yet, they still struggle to make things right and work.

You must probably belong to one of these groups:

1. You’ve purchased numerous products or free product on the internet, and you’ve implemented those advice and techniques, but yet you’re not achieving good or required results. You’ve seen and read testimonials of other people who used the products with good success. But in your own case it is another story entirely.

2. You‘ve bought every product out there, but the problem you are having is that you will never took any action step to implement those ideas. Why will you read and learn many products about how to change you financial lifestyle, internet lifestyle and others but you will never put it to practice because something is always holding you back.

3. You’re successful already, you might be earning a 4 or 5 digit figure income already. But your dreams are much bigger than that. Yet you don’t make any progress with your increase level of knowledge and determination, instead you’re stuck with this level of income.

There is always a reason for being in one of this group and no matter at which point you said, “THAT’S ME”, It’s the same reason for everyone.

There is always a missing link you need if you desire to build a successful internet business you dreamed of.
Are you eager to know what the missing link is? If yes, let me start by telling you an eye opening story I love and has help others to see beyond their limitations.

“Don’t Act Like An Elephant!”

Strange statement, isn’t it?

But listen carefully because it can make the difference of success and failure in your business and private life.

So, let me explain…

You might know that in India elephants are used for manual labor. But what to do with them when they are not working? How to restrain them?

Their handlers came up with the idea to program them while they are still very young – by setting self-imposed limits into their thinking.

How does it work?

When the elephants are still small, weighing around 150 pounds, they get tied up with a very heavy rope.

All day long, the elephants try to get rid of it, whine, tug at it and some of them even try to chew it. But they can’t break free. Finally, the elephants give up and the fight is over.

And now it’s getting interesting…

From this moment on, they strongly believe that there is absolutely no chance to get rid of the rope. They accept the “fact” that the rope limits them.

And with this imprinted belief in place, their handlers are able to tie them with extremely small ropes!

And even as adults, weighing 8,000 pounds and more, they never attempt to break free because they “know” they have no chance at all!

As you can see, the elephants’ limits are not real, but exist only in their mind.

And so are we programmed with built-in-boundaries. They are also not real but exist only in our minds.

But with these imprinted belief systems, with these inner boundaries, we are unable…

– to live our lives to the fullest
– to be as successful as we could be
– to set and reach higher goals
– to make 10 times more money as we do now
– to build a successful business
– to get the promotion and pay increase
we always dreamed of
– to fulfill our true dreams and desires

The point is…

Your Existing Inner-Belief Will either Make or Break Your Business!

I will try and explain this in a simple manner for you.

Depending on your existing inner beliefs one of two things will be happening…

A. If you have any negative beliefs in regards of your business itself or your ability of running a business successfully, you’ll experience thoughts like, “I can’t understand why this is happening to me while everyone else and their dogs are doing great promoting this product; maybe I am simply not good enough to be successful as an Internet Marketer; maybe other marketers have better lists than I; I think the experts were right by telling me that my niche might be too competitive for a newbie to have a chance to make money.” And so on…

B. If your core beliefs regarding your business and your abilities in general are positive, you might have thoughts like, “I expected a little bit more, but hey, at least I made a sale at all; I am really grateful for it; I have accomplished something; I have to tell …(spouse) about my success; I can hardly wait for the next email campaign; I expect even better results next time.” And so on…

A week later there is another opportunity to endorse a good product.
If you were the first marketer (A), you don’t feel that enthusiastic anymore but worry a little about the outcome already, but you still create a rock solid email message – you hit the ‘send’ button – and there are no sales at all from your campaign.

Now you doubt yourself even more. Your feeling of being a failure is deepening. You now really believe that something is wrong with your list. You think you entered your market too late to make any significant profit, etc.

And the worst thing that is happening, you are strengthening your already existing negative belief system! And that will make sure that you’ll go the road leading to more and more disappointments and bad outcomes. And finally you’ll quit and will be convinced Internet Marketing is just not for you.

A damaging belief, no matter if lying open in your mind or buried deeply inside, will always sabotage a possible positive outcome, no matter how hard you try!

If you were the second marketer (B), you feel great while crafting your endorsement email. You are relaxed and grateful for the chance to make some profit again.

You feel highly motivated, and you expect even better results this time – you hit the ‘send’ button – and (drum rolls, please) you made 4 sales this time.

You feel even more grateful. Your feeling of accomplishment is deepening. Your self-confidence is rising. And, most importantly, you are strengthening your already existing positive belief that will support you in everything you are going to do from here on.

From this moment on you are on the road to success not only in email marketing but in all areas of your business. Your positive belief, your ability to feel grateful for even small victories (sales) and your positive expectation will get you more and more things, results and circumstances you can be grateful for.

Because it is so important to understand I want to repeat it one more time.

The chances for the first marketer are slim to none to make any significant profit with his/her business. The negative belief system that is controlling his or her life will always sabotage the chance for big, long lasting success.

Bottom line: your perception of yourself is the vital key to your success.It’s because of self-imposed limits. Your inner boundaries will always sabotage true, long-lasting success – no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try.

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