Pokemon Go Does The Amazing, beats $1 billion revenue

Pokèmon Go vast worldwide gross revenue goes public as it surpassed $1 billion dollar. These incredible feet were made over the seventh month after it was launched last July. This was confirmed by various sources following the data gotten from both IOS and Google play App stores and also gotten from sensor tower in their previous blog because the game is gotten freely by downloading it from its App stores respectively. It simply implies that player put in their personal cash into in-game purchases.

Developers at Niantic has greatly achieved by doing this. To verify this, the comparison between pokèmon Go break through to another trending game from 2016, Clash Royale was done by Sensor Tower.

According to the report in late July, pokemon Go had a record of a daily earning of $18 million dollars. This has greatly reduced as its current daily earning is between the range of $1.5 to $2.5 million dollars.The limited-time events which began around Halloween and Christmas saw revenue increase.

As long as these are limited-time events on the globe accompanied with increase to add the next generation pokemon into the game, I think there are no rivals. I know you are thrilled by such great achievements by pokemon Go, it is also in history of Puzzle & Dragons being the first game to reach such record back then in 2014.

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