Android and iPhone Users Now Pinging with Live Profile

Like BlackBerry users, Android users can now ping with the help of an application known as ‘Live Profile’. Although this application has been in existence for a longtime, it has now been improved and imbedded with BBM capabilities.

Android Pings

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You will be given a unique pin you can exchange with friends and family. LiveProfile offers a cheaper, faster and more reliable alternative to text messaging allowing users to communicate with lightning-fast message delivery and confidence, indicating when messages are delivered, read, and even when the recipient is typing a response, making it feel closer to a live conversation. And, where text messaging charges can quickly rack up, LiveProfile is free—even for international use—making it easier on the wallet, too.

Before you proceed, check:

This application works well on Android, iPhone & BlackBerry. See what the app interface looks like below:

Pinging on Android

Features of LiveProfile

  • Beautiful and easy to use interface
  • Address book friend scan and invite
  • Photo and Video sharing
  • Emoticons
  • Push notifications (no battery usage)
  • Unique PINs
  • Support for all major smart phones
  • And more!

How to Download LiveProfile on Android

Go to the Android Market (Google Store Play), Type or Search for “LiveProfile” and Hit the Install Button OR Visit

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