How to Include Link(s) in Blog Comments Section

Most times, the things we over look as simple, are not like that with others. A guy contacted me online recently on ways to generate traffic to his new blog, so I offered him some tips, and among the tips was ‘comment on blogs related to your niche, drop your link and make sure you are not doing it the spamming way’. The response after that was ‘Pls how can I post my link in comments?’

Include Links in Blog Comments Section

How can I post links in comment is a common question among new bloggers. With the advent of different blogging platforms that doesn’t require any form of coding to start, it has render most new bloggers lazy, as they don’t care to understand the simple HTML tags. Check: Basic HTML Tags All New Bloggers Must Know and you can also download Brilliant Basic HTML & CSS Tutorial eBook to further learn about HTML tags.

Majority of blogs in the blogosphere comments section support adding of link(s) to comments with HTML. For instance, if I want to comment and at the end of the comment I want to add a link like Blogging Tips. I will write in the comments section as Blogging Tips. Blogging Tips will be displayed, and when it is clicked, it will go to

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