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Recently, I shared some informative posts on password security like: How to Check if your Password is Hackable [infographic] & Easy Means to Create Unique, Memorable and Secure Passwords. Using your birthday date/your name/dictionary word/kids name/qwerty/1234 and etc. as your password will cause you more harm, as it will render your accounts vulnerable.


You can test how long it will take an average PC to crack your password from to know how strong your passwords are. Combination of alphanumeric and special characters makes a complex password that is difficult for hackers to crack. Today, I want to share a simple script that can be use to generate a complex password without going through any stress. The result of the code is what you are seeing below:

You can bookmark this page and use it to generate passwords or click here to download the password generator script on your harddisk or flashdisk. The password generator script works offline & online, use your browser (mozilla, Internet explorer, chrome, opera etc ) to open the script to generate a secure and strong password.

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