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Want to know what Nigerian Constitution entails? If you’re a Nigerian trying to learn something new or know more about your rights as a citizen, you need to acquaint yourself with the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Nigerian Constitution

I and a friend were recently arguing over the right of landlords and tenants, and he was talking about the constitution, although he was a little bit right, but the way he viewed it was completely illegal. I told him if he did what he said, he might end up in jail. What he knew was the general convention circulated by illiterates. 99% of Nigerians don’t even know why scammers are called ‘419’.

To know your civic rights as a citizen of the nation of Nigeria, you need to have the knowledge of the constitution to avoid operating in the general convention circulated by illiterates. As a matter of fact, knowledge is power, and having knowledge alone won’t do it, rather the application of such knowledge.

Click Here  to access the 1999 Nigerian Constitution.

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