Peeping into 2016: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6c To Be Released In 2016

Apple really knows its onions when it comes to the dominance of the digital market by maintaining their stronghold of creativity and innovation in their devices hence it hasn’t slacked in propelling consumers to hunger and lust after their gadgets. The seeming cutthroat prices of Apple products hasn’t really been a big stumbling block, as consumers really wouldn’t critically consider the expense, but rather, still are not reluctant to go broke for iPhones. This is a strong vindication to the prominence that Apple really knows the game and can definitely play it.

Apple is going to be busy in 2016

Apple is going to be busy in 2016

This 2016, Apple gives credence to their marketing principle of keeping hold of their innovation as it is well placed on its path of unveiling a defining iPhone 7. Well, what is most particular to the Apple? One thing to point out at this junction is its culture of surprising its users in such regularity that it is becoming predictable to tell what card they have on the table. In spite of this, every gadget-freak can’t really cut down their expectations as the iPhone 7 is priming to make its debut in the market soon. Sharing the sentiments of diehard iPhone fans, iPhone 7 even already has a fixed launching schedule in September 2016!

Such forecast on the assigned launching schedule borrows its roots from the fact that iPhone 5 was launched on Sept. 21, 2012. Since then every succeeding iPhone models of the iPhone 5 have been thrown into the market by Apple around the same period. Most categorically, going by an Apple Insider, the recent iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have even gotten to the very hand of the consumers on Sept. 25 of this year. “But that pattern could end next year with an earlier launch,” a reliable source had revealed Apple Insider in an interview.

From what we have learnt, The iPhone 7 will be the thinnest as it has the measurements of 6mm. But then Apple doesn’t finish the excitement there. It will as well release the iPhone 7 Plus which boasts an extremely-fast performance. The iPhone 7 would be a 4.7-inch iPhone which spots similar RAM as the iPhone 6s which is 2 gigabytes. An additional gigabyte will just be put in the iPhone 7 plus so it can provide a satisfactory performance for eventual users.

What typically separates the iPhone Plus model from the usual one? If you really look closely enough, the iPhone 7 Plus will have a display size at an increased width which fulfills a huge task of taking photos as well as imaging. This conforms with the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 6s Plus, too as the two of them have Optical Image Stabilization. There is hefty chance that the features of the latter will yet be transferred to the iPhone 7.

Prevailing rumor give a hint at the possibility that Apple will be reintroducing the “C” category of iPhones. Of course this is pleasant to the ears as the door looked like close following the release of the iPhone 5c. The encouraging prospect here is, Apple is setting vehement structure in place so as to release a new iPhone 6c even in mid-2016. “Apple will release the upgraded 4-inch iPhone C series in the second quarter of 2016,” going by reports.

The largest to the slightest details of each iPhone mentioned earlier would most likely jolt
iPhone addicts. More rumours are blowing past with the wind. But one of them with solid chances of occurring is that about 260 million iPhones could be shipped in 2016 taking clue from the rough estimation of TrendForce.


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