Microsoft now has a selfie app for iPhone

Microsoft’s most recent app for iOS can’t really be said to be a piece of productivity software. Best said, it’s a selfie app. In any regard, it is known by the name Microsoft Selfie, the product’s design is targeted to add to the quality of photo like skin tone, color balance and lighting for the most shareable shot possible. It could be said to be a closer cousin of Lumia Selfie, which happens to be Microsoft’s previous self-portrait app designed for Windows phones.

The Selfie Trend

The Selfie Trend

Delving into further details, Microsoft Selfie seems to be just one of the many ways the company is making use of machine learning in everyday situations, most related to the software Microsoft released back April that would make a guess at your age based on a photo. Microsoft Selfie’s app description is of the view that it takes “age, gender, skin tone, lighting, and many other variables into account” to assist in altering your self-portraits with “intelligent enhancements.”

Everyone of the 13 filter options will be able to clean up noise as well as work on other improvement in a general sense; even up to adding a distinct flavor to the photo in line with names like “1965” and “BlueDawn.”

You can as well press and hold on the “compare” button then your lesser, non-algorithmically enhanced self will come into view.

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