Now there’s an iPhone-controlled ceiling fan

Apple’s HomeKit is gradually making strong attempts to trying transporting the connected home into the mainstream, one Nest knock-off and smoke detector a time.

A ceiling fan controlled by your iPhone

A ceiling fan controlled by your iPhone

Most certainly, this is CES, so it’s also time for things to basically get out of the ordinary — and Hunter Fan Company is clawing hard at the chance to bring in a concept whose description brings us to two “smart fans” into the marketplace. The two models, with the names of Signal and Symphony, come with built-in Wi-Fi so they could be able to hook into HomeKit and become component of the system’s automated auctions. This is a big choice as to a fan that automatically turns on when you get home.

“They’re beautiful, affordable, high-quality pieces of decor that bring state-of-the-art Wi-Fi technology where it might not be expected: the ceiling fan,” Hunter CEO John Alexander said in the kind of statement you often hear at CES. “As we celebrate 130 years, we have several exciting developments to share with our customers, and are proud to kick off 2016 at CES with Symphony and Signal.”


The two models really beat their differences majorly in beauty and appearance: At $329, Symphony happens to be an all-white plastic model, while Signal has a nickel-and-wood look that will come at an added cost of $50 more. While monitoring and directing a fan with your Apple Watch or a Siri command may at first not seem very realistic, what we are discussing here pertains to devices that have for long time been maneuvered by tiny, swinging pull chains, or some plastic remotes.

To me, having a fan remote built straight into my phone is a ravishing welcome and reasonable option, a thing that other manufacturers are also getting to realize with more aspiring ambitions on the fan. Signal and Symphony could possibly ship this spring.

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