How to restore WhatsApp messages on a new phone

When you make the purchase of a new mobile phone,there is every possibility that your WhatsApp conversations wouldn’t appear once when finish the installation of the app. Not too much to worry about anyway, for here at JustNaira, we will let you know the means to get your WhatsApp chat history recovered once you get a new phone

Losing your WhatsApp chat history

Losing your WhatsApp chat history

As we all know and agree, WhatsApp is an immensely important medium of maintaining touch with people all over the world, pretty much at a very reduced cost. But then there is a big inconvenience which users get to come across here when they start using a new iPhone 6S or a new Android smartphone generally. The problem here is that they can’t get their previous conversations on the new devices.

This deficiency could be traced to the mode in which the app stores content locally far from on web servers. But then if your old phone is still within reach, and haven’t practically moved on from Android to iOS or vice versa, then there is still a means to remedy this possible mishap and save those old chats moving them to a new home intact. In this piece here, you will see the brief procedure of copying and restoring your old chats.

There are a few different ways to keep your conversations on your iPhone, but the easiest is by using iCloud backup. To realize this, you will be needed to take your previous smartphone, proceed to WhatsApp Settings>Chats>Chat Backup and then tap Backup Now.

Backing up your chat history

Backing up your chat history

On your new handset, go about reinstalling WhatsApp, make confirmations as to your phone number (which should be the same phone number as the one you made use of your old phone) and you then you will be prompted to restore your chat history. Choose to agree to this and then your backup would be installed, well filled with your conversations.

It will also prove handy to go back to the settings and then enable the Auto Backup feature now, so you are likely to have no issues in the event of you upgrading to your next iPhone in a couple of years time.

Restoring WhatsApp messages on an Android phone using an SD card

Should you have the fortune of being in possession of an Android phone with an SD card, then the procedure of making a transfer of your chat history is quite stress free. Simply open the app then click on the Menu icon then proceed to Settings>Chats and calls > Backup Chats.
This series of command will now execute a backup on your SD card, which you can then easily transfer into your new handset.
So you can now embark on the reinstallation of WhatsApp on your replacement device (with the SD card well inserted) and the app should locate your backup and at once prompt a recovery of your chat history.

Restoring WhatsApp messages on an Android phone using a PC

Those phones which don’t possess an SD card (and they are increasing in number these days) still have the functionality of moving their chat history, but there is the strong requirement of a PC to realize that. Attach the USB charging cord to the phone and then plug the other end into your PC. Windows should at once make installation of practically any drivers you require, and then you can locate the phone in the File Explorer’s PC section.

Now in the phone storage, search for WhatsApp folder, then simply make a copy of it onto your PC hard drive. Now eject the phone, after you have ejected it, connect your new handset and then move the WhatsApp folder onto its internal storage. Now eject the phone, reinstall WhatsApp, and when after you finish confirming your number, the backup should be identified and you could go about restoring it. When you have finished with this, you could then have all your previous conversations transferred to your new Android phone.

Restoring WhatsApp messages on an Android Phone using Google Drive

In that very manner in which the iPhone makes use of the services of iCloud, Android devices will expectedly have the ability to make use of Google Drive for automatic backups. We’ve already come to knowledge of the builds of WhatsApp which present this feature enabled. Though the most recent version of the one you can get your hands on there on Google Play Store doesn’t yet have an available option of this. Most probably it will appear very soon.

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