5 top manufacturing companies in Nigeria

A nation is as powerful as its economy and being a developing nation, Nigeria is not much of a strong economic nation compared to other nations of the world and that is why it is often times referred to as a Third World country. Be that as it may, the country is gradually making efforts to improve its economy.

Below are some of the manufacturing companies in the country.

Dangote Group

Dangote Group is owned by the richest man in Africa by the name of Aliko Dangote and the company happens to be the biggest there is among the many industries available in the whole of west Africa. Dangote Group was established in the year 1981 and it was originally a trading venture that imported sugar, cement, rice, fisheries, and many other consumer products that it distributed in the Nigerian market. As time went by the company started venturing in other forms of businesses like the production of sugar, salt, cement, flour, steel, oil and gas and it also does some certain level of packaging among many other things.

Dangote is so large and has over the years built itself up to the point that it currently has a lot of affiliates and some of them include, Dangote Textiles, Dangote Transport, Dangote Cement, Dansa Foods Limited, Kura Holdings Limited and Dancom Technologies and a host of others.

Nigerian Breweries


Nigerian Breweries was established on the 16th day of November, 1946 in Nigeria. This became the first and largest brewery in the country since the time even up to this moment. The products that are offered for sale by this company include alcoholic drinks which include Guiness, Gulder, Heineken, Ace Passion Apple Spark, Star, Legend extra stout, Goldberg Lager, Star Lite Lager and Life Continental Lager. However, the company did not stop at just the production and distribution of alcoholic drinks for sale.

Nigerian breweries also produced drinks that didn’t contain alcohol and some them include Maltina, Malta Gold, the former Maltonic, the former Malta Guiness, Amstel Malta, there’s also Climax Energy drink and Fayrouz.

Nestle Nigeria

The next lead manufacturing company we’ll be looking at is Nestle Nigeria. Nestle Nigeria is a food processing industry that was established in the year 1961 with the name Nestle Products Nigeria Limited, however, it was not until the year 1969 that the company started running its operations. In the year 1991, the name of the company was changed to Nestle Foods Nigeria and in 2001, it became known as Nestle Nigeria PLC.

The company focuses on making use of plants like cocoa to create beverage products such as coffee and other products they manufacture include; instant foods, seasonings, frozen and refrigerated food, performance and healthcare nutrition, soup and sauces, bottled water, breakfast cereals, pet food and they even produce milkshakes and other beverages. Nestle also happens to be the biggest food company in the world.

Flour Mills of Nigeria

Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc was incorporated in the month of September, 1960 originally as a private limited liability company and two years later, the company started to run after it had mounted a milling capacity of 600 metric tons a day. In the year 1978, the company became a public limited liability company and the shares of the company became listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange that year. Flour Mills of Nigeria was established by George S. Coumantaros.

When it comes to milling wheat in Nigeria, Flour Mills is the biggest company in the business. Flour Mills is the owner of the popular brand known in Nigeria as Golden Penny which is among the brands mostly favoured by bakeries, confectioneries, and consumers in Nigeria. Now, the company has a milling capacity of 8,000 metric tons per day.

Unilever Nigeria

Unilever Nigeria Plc is another one of Nigeria’s largest manufacturing companies. It is an affiliate of Unilever Oversea Holdings B.V. The company was established in the year 1923 and the company engages in the production of a wide variety of goods. Some of the goods manufactured by the company include Royco (seasoning), Lipton Yellow label tea, Lux Soap, Omo (detergents), Knorr (seasoning), Lifebuoy (soap), Pears (oil and cream), Blue Band (butter), Sunlight (detergent), Close Up (toothpaste), Pepsodent (toothpaste), and Vaseline (petroleum jelly). The company has made a huge impact in the lives of millions of people not just in Nigeria, but also in other countries of the world with their products.

In the year 2014, Unilever Nigeria Plc made the list of the top 20 most valuable companies cited in the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

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