Nigerian male traditional wears

There is a certain kind of dressing that is trending these days in Nigeria and this is obviously the combination of our Nigerian traditional wears with a little modern fashion blend. This has made a lot of fashion designers creative in the sense that they are always looking for new ways to combine these clothihngs.

Below is a list of some of the male traditional wears in Nigeria.

Ankara styles

Today, it is no secret that Ankara style of dressing is becoming so much more in vogue that you can hardly go a day without seeing at the very least one individual putting on an Ankara clothing. It is our own Nigerian latest fashion wear. A lot of native wears designed for men are now styled in Ankara. A single Ankara component in your clothing can make you look chef-d’oeuvre (an outstanding fashion work).

Even these days, some guys go out of their way to make the same kind of Ankara print both for themselves and their partners for those in a relationship.

A little bit of accessory here and there combined with your Ankara wear can draw a lot of attention especially if the style is magnificent. Don’t be surprised if someone comes to you for your designers phone number.

Senator styles

Senator style happens to be one of the huge revolutions in the latest fashion wears for Nigerian men. The clothes referred to as “Senator styles” happen to be affordable yet stylish, and they could readily and without any sort of trouble be redesigned to appeal to the desire of the most arduous seeker of latest fashion. Most fashion designers and their clients have found it to be very attractive to add a little bit of colour accents to the Senator style clothes one of such accents could be a pocket – one that is not so easily noticeable. A brown colour with lacquered loafers could also be included in the Senator style – this particular outfit could be worn for any occasion say a party, to work, and even for a hangout with friends.

Atiku styles

Among the traditional wears for men in Nigeria, the Atiku style happens to be the most recent in the trend. Compared to the Ankara design, Atiku style is a bit young, however, we have found that the Atiku style is greatly appreciated and won proudly by most guys. The Atiku style basically appears as a solid colour that has a pattern that is not so easily perceived. The shirt could either be sown long or short depending on the choice of who is going to wear it, but in either case, the wear is really fashionable and it can be worn to work or any social event such as wedding party, a birthday party or just to hangout with some friends.

Kaftan styles

The next on our list for the traditional or native wears of Nigerian men is the Kaftan. This particular kind of male fashion style is one that should be given the first position among the native wears that Nigerian males wear in Nigeria. If you take a good look at the image above, the sharp white kaftan having an embroidery of green and yellow colours combined is one stylish example of the male kaftan wear and it really looks cool.

Kaftans are great irrespective of the colours you match, although you are not easily going to find men wearing pink, but a white kaftan combined with an element of pink is not so bad. The key with the kaftan is embroidery, once an embroidery is added to your kaftan by your fashion stylist, you are sure to come out look chic. Kaftans can even be worn with Jeans.

Agbada styles

Last but not least on our list of male traditional wears in Nigeria is the Agbada. This is one wear that is very common among the Yoruba folks. It is their main wear to a wedding or generally any form of social event. Agbada can be sown plain or a little bit of design could be added to it. If you really want to stand out in any occasion, an Agbada that has embroidery on it is sure to put you out there.

Our image above is an all-black Agbada style combined with a black hat and black shoes, a little bit of accessory here and there should make you look just right all the way.

Another great idea is the combination of a white Agbada with a little bit of blue on it. Agbada could even be combined with other styles for a decent and good-looking attire; one of such styles is the Kente.

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