Top 5 fueling stations in Nigeria

Many of our machines are run on petrol or fuel, and many other petroleum products – our cars, motorcycles and so on. To get a refill we need to visit petrol filling stations.

Some of them include:


Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation commonly referred to by its mnemonic as NNPC is the oil company that participates and regulates the petroleum industry in Nigeria and is under the governance of the federal government. The oil corporation was instituted on the 1st of April, 1977, the result of merging to separate companies which are the Nigerian National Oil Corporation and the Federal Ministry of Mines and Steel.

Based on the authority passed on the NNPC by law, the company is responsible for controlling the combined oil business between the federal government of Nigeria and the transnational corporations such as Chevron, Royal Dutch Shell, Agip, ExxonMobil, Total S.A, and Texaco which as of today is now merged with Chevron. It is through the co-operation with these corporations that the federal government explore and produce petroleum. Their service stations are in most states of the nation.


Total S.A. is a company that deals with oil and gas from France origin and it is one of the seven biggest oil companies of the world. The business that is conducted by this company spans over a vast network, they are into producing and exploring of crude oil and natural gas and they are even into power generation, transportation, refining, petroleum product marketing, and international crude oil and product trading. The company is also a big shark in the area of chemical manufacture.

A constituent of the Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index, Total set up a new organization to bring about its “One Total” company goal to become a company that is focused on energy generation. The petrol service station of this company are spread through the many states in the country.


Mobil is a big American oil company which used to go by the name, Socony-Vacuum Oil Company until it formed a merger with Exxon in the year 1999 to form what is now known as ExxonMobil. The company used to be among the seven major oil and gas companies that had were in the spotlight, ruling the petroleum industry globally between the 1940’s down to the 1970’s. As of today, Mobil continues to go by a brand name which is part of the name of the merged parent company and runs its operations in many countries of the world. It is under the ExxonMobil Fuels, Lubricants and Specialties division.

The brand of Mobil covers a vast range of automotive, industrial, aviation, and marine lubricants. Mobil has a lot of petrol filling stations across many states in Nigeria.


Oando PLC is an African native company dealing with energy which runs its operations in the upstream, midstream, and downstream. The company is primarily listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, and it is the first company from Africa to be listed across African borders to be on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. As at 2014, the company acquired ConocoPhillips’ Nigerian business through its upstream subsidiary, Oando Energy Resources, and that made it the largest indigenous producer of oil and gas at the time.

As at July 2016, the company made a three-way agreement with the Vitol Group – which happens to be an autonomous trader of energy commodities – and Helios Investment Partner – a private investment firm focused on Africa – to form OVH (which used to be known as Oando Downstream). Oando has its petrol service stations mostly in the North and Western Nigeria.

Forte Oil

Forte Oil PLC is another local energy group with its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. The company also extends its operative actions beyond Nigeria to Ghana. Forte Oil runs its operations mainly in the downstream (specializing in the distribution of a variety of petroleum products such as Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), diesel, aviation fuel, kerosene, lubricants for automobiles and machines to be distributed to the automobile, industrial, aviation and marine markets) subdivision of the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry, be that as it may, the company has expanded its business into many other segments of the energy production chain.

Also the company has a subsidiary which is into supply of Well Production Chemicals and Drilling/Completion Fluids to the upstream segment of the Oil and Gas Industry. Forte Oil has several petrol service stations in Nigeria especially in the south.

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