Top 5 TV stations in Nigeria

Information is key to civilization and one way by which information is communicated is through the mass media.

Below are some TV stations in Nigeria.

Channels TV

Channels TV at present is the biggest TV station in Nigeria. It has won many awards as a broadcast station and it is widely recognized as a channel that provides news that are current and recent. If we set aside the 24 hours news headline updates by the TV station, you will find that Channels TV report daily goings-on in the country.

A research was carried out to see which TV station most of the Nigerian people prefer to watch and the research showed that compared to other stations, most of the populace watched Channels TV for the reason that the station reports news in vogue that is unbiased and objective. A popular program on Channels TV titled ‘Politics and Today’ which is anchored by one of the stations best staff talks about issues that are affecting the Nigerian society.

TVC (TVContinental)

TVContinental or TVC is another one of the major stations of television that we have in Nigeria. This station was created in the year 2014 and that same year the television station received the licence to begin its operations. Besides the obvious thing which is to broadcast local news, TVContinental is known to report news of trending events in a proper way.

The television station can brag about having broadcast equipments that are top notch and thus provide it with the ability to broadcast programmes to a vast amount of people who are not necessarily in the same location. TVContinental is situated in Lagos State, be that as it may, the station also has a studio in Abuja, the nation’s capital. The programmes that are displayed on TVC provide useful information as well as entertainment. However, people complain that the television station report news in favour of the ruling party in Nigeria (are bias in news reporting).

African Independent Television (AIT)

African Independent Television (AIT) is the first television station in Nigeria that is owned by a private individual. It is also the second largest commercial television station in the nation. The difference one would notice between the African Independent Television (AIT) from other television networks in Nigeria is the fact that the station is one where a comfortable environment is created for businesses involving media.

The owner of the African Independent Television (AIT) is Chief Raymond Dokpesi and the features included in its daily programmes are as follows: Kakaki, Mimi Jojo, up to date local news, international news, documentary, sport news, Goge Africa, and so much more. As at 2017 (two years ago), the television channel established itself to be one of the best television stations in the country.

Nigeria Television Authority (NTA)

The Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) is the first television broadcasting network to be owned by the government in Nigeria and it so happens to be the largest television broadcast network in the whole of Africa. Although the kind of news they report and cover is a bit bias in nature, their main interest is to report things that involve or concern Nigeria and its citizens. The TV station is one of the stations that discusses national issues that are in vogue. Some of the professional news casters that are well known in Nigeria for working for the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) include Cyril Stober, Kyrian among others.

Besides the news on the network which is displayed every day at 9 o’clock pm, other programmes that are featured on the channel include: Who Wants to be a Millionaire show, Superstory series. NTA has studios in almost all the states in Nigeria.

Galaxy TV

Another one of the most popular television networks in Nigeria is Galaxy TV. Of course the programmes that are viewed on this television broadcasting channel are entertaining and spin interest, otherwise, people wouldn’t be watching them. The viewer base of this television station is very large. The major reason they have such a large viewer base is because they display movies on their channel, and as such keep people stuck on watching TV.

Another feature that is hosted on this channel is Galaxy Party time which is hosted every Monday to Friday between 2pm and 4pm, and on Saturdays by 12pm midnight. This programmes features music in all genres of music for two hours. Another programme on this station is the Editors Forum. This programme provides a means for people to discuss with the channel’s programme hosts on issues that affect the Nigerian populace.

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