How to Make Money on YouTube [Infographic]

Everyone is looking for ways to make extra money online and one of those opportunities is to monetize your YouTube account. Only a small number of YouTube performers become overnight sensations, but for the rest of us it is possible to earn some decent extra cash with the help of ad revenue, product sales and sponsorship deals. This new infographic details some of the ways in which YouTube can be utilized in order to earn some money on the internet.


The most obvious way to earn money via YouTube is to monetize your account and earn money through advertising. However, in addition to walking you through how to achieve this, the infographic below will also offer a few other ideas that can be used to maximize and build on this revenue. One example is using YouTube videos to promote yourself as a consultant who viewers can hire to teach them how to improve various aspects of their business. Alternatively, you can link up with brands to create sponsored videos in which you review or demonstrate their services. Just keep in mind that you are not obligated to offer a positive review as you must remain impartial or risk losing credibility.

Find out more about making money via YouTube by checking out the infographic below.



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