How to be Eligible for Airtel N1,500 for 4gb Data Plan Offer

Airtel has re-introduced the N1,500 for 4GB data plan with 60 days validity. i.e. you pay N1,500 to get the Airtel Unlimited Data Plan X 2.


Even though this data plan is for BlackBerry users, the interesting part is that it works on all non-BB devices. I mean it works on Nokia, iPhones/iPad, Androids, Windows,  Blackberry, computers and any device that uses SIM to connect to the internet. The non-interesting part is that not all Airtel users are eligible.

Some of our exclusive readers (you can join the league of JN exclusive readers here) complaint that they were unable to subscribe to the plan due to their ineligibility. So what makes users eligible for the offer? Only Airtel knows. However, I have a solution to that.

To become eligible for this offer, simply dial *440*440# from your GSM. If you are lucky enough, you should get a message stating that you are eligible. Peradventure you are still not eligible after dialing the code, don’t panic, keep your SIM for some couple of weeks and then try again.

Now that you are eligible for this offer, load N1,500 on your Airtel Line and then dial *440*161# to enjoy 4GB of data plan for 60 days. Don’t forget to set your APN to  ‘’, while password and username will be ‘internet’.

That’s all. Enjoy it while it last.

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