www.mjoy.com : How To Get Unlimited Free SMS Credit On Mjoy

Mjoy.com is a mobile web portal designed for sending free SMS virtually to anywhere in the world with no character limit. You have to be a registered member before you can be allowed to send SMS through Mjoy free SMS mobile web portal.


One thing I don’t like about their service is that you need to have SMS credit before you can send SMS and the only means to get their credit is to answer surveys and click on ads on their website. Clicking on ads and answering surveys is annoying to me because it’s a waste of time for me. So, recently a friend of mine showed me a method he used to get unlimited credit without clicking on ads and answering surveys. This method is the simplest method to get unlimited SMS credit to send SMS to anywhere in the world through mjoy.com.

Today, I want to unleash the method I use in getting mjoy unlimited free SMS credit. Below are the steps you need to take to have unlimited SMS credit:
1. You must have a small SMS credit in your account that can send one message,
2. Go and compose a message and write anything inside then send it to +12074470602 —- You will receive 129 SMS credits immediately.


The image you’re seeing above is the screenshot of my mjoy account can you see that I had 133 SMS credit on my account and that cannot be possible if am answering surveys and clicking on ads. Follow the steps outlined above so that you can have unlimited mjoy SMS credit to send message to your friends & folks.

If this method work for you, you can use the comment box below to tell others and if you have any other method apart from this, you can also tell others through the comment box.

Enjoy Your Free SMS Moments!

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