World’s First Flying Car On The Market at £800,000 : Sky’s the limit (and it’s been in the air since 1946)

No more waiting or getting stuck in traffic jams again because the solution to that has finally come (Flying Car).


This flying car can switch from road to air in minutes and it is on the market for a price of £800,000 only….. The aerocar above was first designed in 1949 and now looks set to fly the forecourts. It can reach a speed of 60mph on land and up to 110mph at 12,000 feet, despite being more than 60 years old.


Length: 21 feet
Wingspan: 30 feet
Weight: 2,100lb
Range: 300 miles
Maximum speed: 110 mph
Cruise speed: 100 mph
Take-off speed: 55 mph
Road speed: 60mph

The inventor of this aerocar is Molt Taylor and he said the aerocar can be converted from a car to a plane in less than 10 minutes. The inventor also commented that a woman in a fur coat and high heel’s could do the conversion (from car to plane).
-‘This auto is really special because it was the first roadable aircraft that anyone can order directly from the factory.’
-‘With such a small number produced and with most of these already in museums where they’re likely to stay, the opportunity for an individual to purchase one is quite rare.’
-‘The Aerocar, which is one of just six ever built, is expected to fly off the forecourt when it is sold by Illinois-based Courtesy Aircraft on behalf of Yellowstone Aviation.’
-‘The impressive vintage automobile has 150 horsepower coming from a 5.2-litre, four-cylinder engine’

Cruise Control


Aerocar on Air


Aerocar on Road


Aerocar When Converted from Car to Plane


Source : Daily Mail

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